Kyle C Martin

I am an intern architect and design technologist who specializes in digital design facilitation and process improvement. I also enjoy exploring the use of technology for digital fabrication and data analytics. We are entering an era in the AEC industry where design technology and computational approaches are becoming increasingly essential for efficient production and documentation. I continuously seek out opportunities to share my knowledge with others and improve the collective intelligence of the design community as evidenced by my roles as founder of Dynamo-litia Boston, adjunct faculty at the Boston Architectural College, and lecturer at various conferences.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, my Pacific Northwest roots have instilled an awareness for sustainability and materiality. I believe that environmentally conscious practices and strategies for reducing energy consumption are a crucial requirement of contemporary design. I draw inspiration from an intimate connection between nature and architecture, particularly when expressed through regional materials and a vernacular design aesthetic.

Growing up I had the fortunate opportunity to travel often, allowing me to experience a wide range of architectural styles and urban configurations. My experiences in Boston have formed a passion for real estate development projects and the positive impact new or revitalized architecture has on areas of the city. I have a talent for connecting with people and enjoy forging trusting relationships with coworkers, clients, and the general community. To every project I bring an insatiable amount of determination to learn, lead, and succeed.