Bespoke Brick Design

A few weeks ago I presented how Dynamo can be used for bespoke brick design.

I chose "Cloaked in Bricks" by Admun Design & Construction Studio as a precedent to replicate using Dynamo.

Images courtesy of Archdaily -

Images courtesy of Archdaily -

Since a brick is a modular unit, creating an array and selectively rotating targeted bricks is a simple exercise using visual programming and parametricism.

The resultant arrangement of bricks can then be easily imported into Revit for documentation.

Dynamo provides limitless opportunity for design customization. This example would be complex to construct but if you want explore simple brick patterning or color variation, this is an excellent methodology. Furthermore, this approach can be applied to any modular facade system including: other block types, stone, metal panel, perforated metal, precast concrete, etc. Start to finish, this entire exercise took approximately 4 hours to produce and document.