Dynamo-litia Boston - April 2017

This action-packed meeting featured...

1. Regular Dynamo-litia Boston meeting

  • current events from the Dynamo-litia Boston community
  • introducing Ilaria Giardiello from Sasaki as the new co-chair!
  • a presentation by Eric Boehlke: panelization workflow and analysis using Dynamo, Dynamo web Customizer, Project Fractal, FormIt, .csv, and Excel

2. Dynamo Block Party
Kyle Martin - Tocci Building Companies | Dynamo-litia - Boston, MA:

  • about Dynamo-litia Boston
  • Dynamo tools for interpreting & translating design intent
  • early collaboration amongst project constituents

Ryan Cameron - DLR Group | DesMoinamo - Des Moines, IA:
Block Party Announcement

  • took the opportunity to share a workflow he is currently working on & ask questions from the greater community
  • crowdsourcinge expertise & troubleshooting a workflow as a community was a great idea, something we could use more of!

John Pierson - EvolveLAB | RoMBIS - Denver, CO:
RoMBIS event page

  • introducing the Beaker package
  • breaking up stacked walls in Revit into their individual wall elements
  • submit a node idea to EvolveLAB to incorporate into Beaker (bottom of linked page)
  • querying elements in Revit that are not tagged
  • various tips & tricks recently discovered

Cesar Escalante - HOK | SFDUG - San Francsico, CA:
SFDUG event page

  • re-aligning ceiling-hosted families to center of ACT or other ceiling patterns
  • check out his recent tutorial video of this specific workflow!

Dynamo Block Party portion begins at 00:11:30.

Dynamo Block Party
Join us for the Dynamo Block Party -- the first meeting of its kind where several user groups across the country congregate virtually!

This is an excellent opportunity to meet others with a shared passion for Dynamo and design technology, see how their groups are organized, and be exposed to work happening outside the local community. Learn how folks in San Francisco, Denver, Des Moines, and New York City are making the most out of the expanded capabilities Dynamo provides. With 5 meetings in 1, this is one you don't want to miss.

When: April 18, 2017
Where: BSA Space - Boston

More information at the Boston Society of Architects.

Presentation slides and datasets [for the Dynamo-litia presentation] can be downloaded HERE.