Dynamo-litia Boston - June 2017

Improving Processes, Increasing Efficiency + A Fish Out of Water

This special installment of Dynamo-litia Boston featured presentations from Luis Useche, Anne Loiselle, and Jason Detwiler about their work at SMMA and experiences using Dynamo in practice.

Improving Processes, Increasing Efficiency:
We will be presenting the progression of identifying a current manual process to developing a dynamo solution. In this case our example is the manual process of calculating the window-to-wall ratio for building envelopes. We will look at the existing processes teams are using, how we developed the script, and how we see it being implemented and improved going forward.

A Fish Out of Water -- Teaching Digital Fabrication at Autodesk BUILD Space via the BAC:
Jason will be sharing his experience to date teaching Digital Fabrication for the Boston Architectural College at the Autodesk BUILD Space, which may or may not contain some dynamo explorations. The Studio itself is studying Light as Material, using digital fabrication tools.

When: June 29, 2017
Where: SMMA - Cambridge

More information at the Boston Society of Architects.
Presentation slides and datasets can be downloaded HERE.