Dynamo-litia Boston - December 2016

This installment of Dynamo-litia Boston was generously hosted by Sasaki and highlighted all of the professional engagements Dynamo-litia Boston community members were involved in for Fall 2016.

The Expanding Universe of Visual Programming, Interoperability and Community:
It has been a very busy fall with several members of the Dynamo-litia community attending recent conferences. We will start things off by sharing current events and acquired knowledge from ACADIA, Autodesk University, ABX, and AEC Technology Symposium and Hackathon. One of the great strengths of Dynamo is the ability to connect a wide array of software platforms, expanding the toolset available to architects and designers. Please join us as we demonstrate sample Grasshopper workflows and explore the ways that the visual programming principles utilized relate directly to Dynamo processes. The session will conclude with an exploration of the immediate value Dynamo brings to practice and a live demonstration of how it interfaces with Revit.

When: December 13, 2016
Where: Sasaki Associates - Watertown

More information at the Boston Society of Architects.

Presentation slides and datasets can be downloaded HERE.